Mama Rance AKA the most rational big brother fan

And, I know we need to get Beast Mode Cowboy on board with backdooring Amber’s pretty little butt this week.

Okay so I missed it, but what are the TA options? I’m seeing where option A would save Amber?


Houseguests discovering the loops on the memory wall, most likely for the HOH comp tomorrow.

"Loopy? Oh it just means they’re gonna give us Froot Loops! Everyone calm down they’re going to give us Froot Loops!"

Y’know I’m sick if I turn down watching Big Brother… I’m in so much pain. 

I love how when the weeks progress and everyones clothes start mixing together and then add in some of the comp costumes that the outfits start getting to the point where it’s only acceptable in the Big Brother house but if you went out in public you’d look like a 5 year old dressed you


You were on for 3 episodes. Have a seat.


This is from the POV competition tonight. Can we take a moment to thank the BB Gods for doing this when Caleb isn’t playing.

However, we’ll probably still hear “Beast-Mode-Cowboy would be tearing this up”